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Being outdoors is a reminder that we, as humans, are part of a larger magical world. Magic mushrooms have, for years, acted as a bridge that connects us to nature and all it entails: oceans, forests, wildlife, mountains, etc. It also helps us appreciate man’s progressive efforts from ancient times to the post-civilization era. Quebec is rich in landscapes, architecture, culture, and religion. This is the place to be if you are looking for a location that adds magic to your psychedelic trip. 

This is the largest and one of the oldest provinces in Canada. This mostly French-speaking destination is home to multiple attraction sites, rich culture, and friendly and welcoming people. The province combines a blend of European, France, and North American influences to provide anyone with an unforgettable experience. This guide explores top destinations to visit and various activities you can engage in while tripping in Quebec. 

Things to consider before tripping outdoors

Tripping in a closed and familiar experience is often the best option, especially for new consumers. However, this does not mean you can’t enjoy your favorite shroom outdoors. Below are some suggestions to make the experience as seamless and meaningful as possible;

  • Take a sober companion with you. This can be your friend, family member, or an experienced sitter. The individual should know that you have taken shrooms, the issues that might arise while tripping, and how to assist you. 
  • Do not drive while tripping. Take an uber, use public transit, or have your companion drive to the intended destination. Depending on your preference, you can take the shrooms before or after reaching the destination. If you live near your preferred tripping destination, you can opt to walk.
  • If you are unsure how you might react to a macro or megadose (especially new consumers), it is best to take a microdose. 

Things to do in Quebec to enhance your trip

Visit historic sites and the local museum

Quebec’s rich history spans over 400 since the province was established. The old-world vibes from the architecture will take you back in time instantly. The top sites to view include;

Chateau Frontenac:  located in the district’s upper town, this is the oldest hotel in Quebec. It holds the Guinness world record for the most photographed hotel in the world. Whether you plan to stay here or not, the excellent architecture and the breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River is guaranteed to keep you glued. 

Quebec City Wall: what better way to enjoy your trip than to take a walk along the Quebec city wall? During this 4.6km walk, you will learn about and appreciate the City’s military history as well as view multiple historic sites. 

Place Royale: are you into old-school architectural designs? If so, the Place Royale is the place to visit. This is the oldest public square in Quebec, and it features incredible 18th-century architecture. The place is considered the cradle of French North America. 

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec: This is the place to go if you want to experience the Quebec art culture since the 17th century to date. The museum features exhibitions and workshops for children for a wholesome experience. While here, you also get a chance to marvel at the Lassonde Pavilion’s complexity and beauty. 

Experience the power and magnificence of nature

Have you ever heard of the scenic Montmorency falls? These falls provide a breathtaking view, an excellent experience while tripping. The falls are located 15 minutes from downtown and can be viewed by;

  1. Riding a gondola
  2. Climbing the scenic stairway
  3. Crossing the suspension bridge
  4. Zip lining 

Another way to take in nature’s magnificence while tripping is by visiting the Forillon National Park. This 244 km square park houses multiple ecosystems, has breathtaking landscapes and is home to hundreds of animal and bird species. 

Tickle your bone with refreshing comedy or enjoy some music

Comedy lovers can enjoy humorous performances from local and international comics from multiple comedy clubs/shows across Quebec. Tripping on mushrooms can help you have a deeper appreciation for humor, and what better way is there than to enjoy it live in any of the following places;

  • The comedy nest in Montreal, Quebec. 
  • Comedy Ville in Montreal for comedy shows and events.
  • Comedy Abroad features performances every Thursday night.

If you happen to visit Quebec during the first weeks of July, make a point to attend the PEQ (Festival d’été de Québec). Locals, as well as tourists, highly anticipate this music festival. The event promises outstanding performances from upcoming and international artists from across the globe. 

How about some adventure? 

While engaging in activities requiring coordination while tripping on mushrooms is not advisable, it is possible to experience some adventure. While in Quebec, you can visit the Jacques-Cartier National Park and engage in some thrilling adventures like hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and skiing (during winter). 

Alternatively, you can head down to the Aquarium du Québec and see over 10,000 different animals from 300 species. The aquarium also provides an outstanding view of the St. Lawrence River. You can engage in different adventures, such as splash pads and scenic picnics. 

Dive deep into the local culture 

Take a trip back to the 16th century and visit the Île d’Orléans Island located 5 km East of Quebec. The island is the French North American birthplace, so you can be guaranteed of an educational experience. There are over 600 historic buildings in Île d’Orléans, all dating back to the French colonial era. While touring Île d’Orléans, you can explore the multiple gourmet shops, vineyards, chocolate shops, cheese shops, and 5 picturesque villages. Interact with the friendly local people as you learn more about their culture. 

Alternatively, you can visit the Huron-Wendat reservation and learn the history and culture of the Huron community through stories, songs, dances, cuisines (game meat, fish, and corn) and visiting the Huron-Wendat museum.

Is your trip spiritually inclined?

While tripping, the experience may sometimes become spiritual. Quebec is an excellent place to visit if you are feeling particularly spiritual. The province is home to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, along the Saint Lawrence River. This is one of the oldest pilgrimages in the area, dating back over 350 years. The Basilica is a true representation of architectural genius adopting the Romanesque Revival style. 

Another destination is the Notre-Dame-de-Quebec Basilica Cathedral, located at the heart of Quebec. The Basilica was built based on Gothic Revival religious architecture, and the result is spectacular, from the stained glass to the altar and the ceiling. 

Where to shop for premium mushrooms in Canada?

Tripping in Quebec presents a pleasant and memorable experience. The multiple sites mentioned above are guaranteed to take your experience to the next level if and when you decide to trip outdoors. At Think Mushrooms, our mission is to provide premium magic mushrooms, whether dried, edibles, or teas, for a seamless experience. All you need is the right state of mind (set), Quebec sites and destinations provide the setting, and we provide the shrooms.