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The Different Variations of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Among the vast array of magic mushroom strains, one variation that has captured the attention of enthusiasts is the Penis Envy. Known for its unique appearance and potent effects, the Penis Envy strain has gained a reputation for its remarkable properties.

What are PE Shrooms?

PE Shrooms, also known as penis envy mushrooms, is a strain of magic mushrooms that is said to provide intense psychoactive experiences. The close-fitting caps and thicker-than-average stem give it the appearance of a circumcised penis, making it appear unique from other varieties of psychedelics.

While the exact origin of PE Shrooms is unclear, many respected members of the psilocybin community agree that it may be a mutation of Amazonian cubensis.

What Does The Penis Envy Look Like?

The Penis Envy mushroom is easily recognizable by its distinctive appearance. It ranges from a light tan to a darker brown and can even have variations amongst different types of the same magic mushroom. Albino penis envy and blue penis envy, for example, are variations of the original in which a mutant strain was isolated and refined to produce magic mushrooms that are predominantly white or gray with pronounced bluing on their caps and stems.

These variations are popular amongst shroomers as they stand out from typical Psilocybe cubensis specimens. Additionally, Penis Envy mushrooms also display characteristics such as blue bruising on their stems and an underdeveloped cap with no veil separating the cap from the stem – both of which serve as indicators of high psilocybin and psilocin content within the specimen.

The Interesting History of The Penis Envy Mushrooms

The Penis Envy Mushrooms are a unique variety of psychedelic mushrooms that have an interesting history surrounding them. The story begins in the early 1970s when renowned ethnobotanist and advocate for psychedelic plants, Terence McKenna, was guided to a mysterious patch of magic mushrooms deep in the Amazon rainforest.

After carefully collecting his finds, he smuggled them back to the United States by hiding spore prints between microscopic slides with a different genus name, then gave the spore print to colleague Steven H. Pollock who is a medical doctor and fellow believer in the potential of psychedelic plant medicines.

Pollock then studied this mushroom culture and cultivated new generations until he discovered one mutation that had an exceptionally thick stem and pallid cap which could be reliably propagated through its genetic characteristics.

This led to the discovery of today’s Penis Envy Mushroom strain and it quickly gained popularity due to its potent psychoactive effect on its users. This discovery has further enabled us to better understand these powerful psychedelic mushrooms which continue to captivate many due to their mysterious history in the Amazon Rainforest.

Different Variations of PE Shrooms

The Different Variations of Penis Envy Mushrooms | Buy Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Online Canada

Well-known amongst psychonauts and connoisseurs of sacred fungi, PE (or Psilocybe cubensis) shrooms are some of the most prominent types that exist. This species of psychedelic mushroom—sometimes referred to as ‘magic mushrooms’ or ‘golden tops’—has been around for centuries and can be found in various regions worldwide.

Albino Penis Envy (APE)

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is a unique and powerful strain of Psilocybe cubensis created by crossing the PE and PF strains. This strain is renowned for its white caps with bluish undertones that turn a stunning silver-blue hue when dried.

The potency of this magic mushroom variant has earned it an impressive reputation among psychonauts, with psychedelic effects reported to be intensely visual, euphoric, and thought-provoking. APE is often hailed as one of the most unique and sought-after shroom experiences, making it no surprise that these mushrooms are highly sought after throughout the world.

APE has gained notoriety in recent years, with various online vendors offering their own versions of this surreal psychedelic fungus. In general, these variants owe their strength to the concentrated levels of psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, norbaeocystin contained within each cap.


Melmac is a mysterious psychedelic strain of Phenethylamine that has been making its way around the psychonaut community for years. While the origin of the strain is unknown, most believe it to have descended from an original PE strain.

Unlike the parent, Melmac offers an intense experience, unlike any other psychedelic, causing some to compare it to a much more intense version of the typical effects experienced by other psychedelics.

Penis Envy

The Different Variations of Penis Envy Mushrooms | Buy Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Online Canada

Penis Envy is a unique strain of Psilocybe cubensis mushroom with a distinctive physical characteristic – its caps are unable to open, even when the fungus is fully mature. The caps also tend to be significantly darker than those found on other variants of this species.

This is largely due to the fact that Penis Envy has been known to contain up to 2% tryptamine, as opposed to the typical 0.6-0.8% present in Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. As such, this particular strain is considered more potent than others and can provide users with an even more intense experience.

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave mushrooms are a hybrid of two popular strains – PE and B+. They were named after the distinctively wavy cap margins they have which makes them easily recognizable, as well as occasional tiny white balls that may appear on top of the cap. This makes them appear particularly dynamic and eye-catching.

These mushrooms produce intense visual hallucinations and an intense sense of euphoria, but one that does not obstruct mental clarity in any way. It is similar to the effects experienced with PE mushrooms, but likely more powerful due to its hybridization with the other strain.

For this reason, these mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular among recreational users who want to experience all of the beneficial effects while still being able to think clearly.

H2: Penis Envy Mushrooms Potency

The Different Variations of Penis Envy Mushrooms | Buy Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Online Canada

The Psilocybe cubensis strain, known as PE or Philosopher’s Stone, is renowned for its higher potency when compared to other psilocybin-containing mushrooms. It has been estimated that the strain contains up to 50% more of the compounds psilocybin and psilocin than other varieties in this genus.

However, it may be hard to validate whether this difference actually leads to a stronger experience, as there are no readily available test findings that distinguish between the various impacts on humans of different strains. What is known about the strength of PE stems mostly from user experiences, which often describe it as being on par with classic psychedelics such as LSD.

As such, most advice from veteran mushroom users will tell you that PE should not be taken lightly and can only be handled by experienced psychonauts, beginners do not recommend PE due to its seemingly higher potency.

Effects of Penis Envy Mushrooms

The effects of using strains can differ from person to person, depending on their dose and individual biochemistry. Generally, people experience feelings of well-being, happiness, increased creativity, and sometimes even synesthesia—where hearing music might cause them to see or feel a visual or tactile sensation. People have also reported experiencing altered states of time perception and intense spiritual reflection during a trip.

The total length of the effect usually ranges between four to six hours, although this is subject to variations based on individual metabolic traits among other factors such as body weight, pre-trip food intake, and the dose taken.

As such, it is important that first-time users take care while measuring doses so as not to risk unexpected side effects. Even seasoned users should be aware of their bodies before consuming these substances and always practice safe usage habits for any kind of strain.

The Side Effects Of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms are a type of psychedelic mushroom that can have varied side effects depending on the individual. The most common physical symptoms include intense feelings of euphoria and joy, as well as visual enhancements in color.

The perceptual effects may include an altered sense of time, an intensified connection with nature and other people, and difficulty concentrating. It may also lead to increased creativity with ideas coming sharply into focus more quickly than normal.

Emotionally and psychologically, some individuals may experience higher levels of openness and openness toward new experiences or people. They may feel more connected with their inner self or awareness of their existence in the world.

Alternatively, it is also possible to feel disoriented or overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts from the past. On a spiritual level, penis envy mushrooms can help facilitate deeper insight into oneself due to the introspective state they induce.

Is the Dosage Different with Penis Envy Mushrooms versus Other Psilocybin Mushrooms?

The Different Variations of Penis Envy Mushrooms | Buy Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Online Canada

When it comes to the dosage of penis envy mushrooms versus other psilocybin mushrooms, it is important to remember that each person is different, and the exact amount you should take will vary from person to person.

Generally speaking, experts recommend taking a smaller dose if using penis envy mushrooms as opposed to other types of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms; for example, instead of recommended 1.0-1.5 grams per 100 pounds of body weight for more mild varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms, with penile envy mushrooms you should take up to 30% less.

The right amount to take depends on what kind of experience you want; some people prefer microdosing penis envy mushrooms for a more manageable and easy psychedelic experience while others may want a higher dose that is befitting of their body size and desired effects.

Final Thoughts on PE Shrooms

To conclude, Penis Envy mushrooms are highly potent and sought after by psychonauts across the world. The various strains provide different psychotropic effects that can produce a variety of spiritual trips. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, is the perfect place to find high-quality, potent Penis Envy mushroom variants.

In addition to mushrooms, we also have products like chocolates and gummies with added psilocybin for those who want to enjoy a delicious treat while reaping the benefits of this psychedelic compound. If you’re in the market for psychedelics, check out everything has to offer!