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  1. Ordered 2 –
    1st , steeped only steeped for a short period. Didn’t last as long as I wanted.
    The coco was a bit weird of a combo
    Was a good time
    2nd – steeped & let sit for a longer period time. Again coco was a bit weird. Used less water
    Trip was better then the first time.
    Undecided if I’ll order again.
    Would recommend for novice/beginner users

  2. I have a super high tolerance & always on the look out for something thats gonna push me. To the edge.
    I prefer tea, as I find it sets you up for a better overall experience.
    I ate these ones this time 3.5 at once.
    It was Half decent. Thought the “mind blend” or whatever it’s called tea was more potent.
    Gonna try again on next days off.
    But overall, happy with them. I was definitely floored for a good , went our for a drive ( as a passenger) took in the christmas lights. Would highly recommend.
    Little to no gut rot which is a super bonus.

  3. 3 1/2 STARS:
    The quality of this batch reflects its low price. Anything less than 1g will barely have any effect but still worth it, no regrets!
    The mellow effects of golden teachers is perfect for first time users & micro dose users.
    This batch is very dry & easy to crush into dust which can be introduced into food or drink.
    I prefer incorporating the golden teachers to a peanut butter & caramel sandwich, hmmmmm so good!
    For first time users, I recommend starting with 1g, for the rest of us, start with 2 minimum 😉