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  1. Really familiar with these, and they’re some of my favorites! Amazing visuals, nice body buzz, and just an overall awesome experience.

  2. Bought these for a chill night in, and whoa – blast off! 🚀 Me and my wife had the most colorful and vibrant experience. Def recommend to anyone looking to explore.

  3. WOW! Fantastic product from TM. The Albino Treasure Mushrooms provided an excellent high and, to my surprise, were a bit heavier than listed. They obviously aren’t trying to shortchange anyone. Two thumbs up!

  4. AVERY” Don’t let the name trick ya! It’s a super chill strain, awesome for social vibes like raves or clubs and stuff. It’s also cool to just kick back, trip a bit, and binge some movies or wander around in nature. 🎬

  5. Good-sized fruits and they were properly dried! Accidentally took 7g, lol might have been a bit much for one dose but what an exciting night it was! Haha, would definitely recommend it.

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