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tidal wave strain Overview 

The Tidal Wave magic mushroom is highly potent, carrying highly revered genetics – Penis Envy and B+ Cubensis. This shroom is exotic and hard to come by, so if you get a chance to try it, grab them without hesitation. Tidal Wave is known for its smooth, gentle, and clean experience. A trip induced by this strain is characterized by rich visuals and subtle, relaxing effects. 

Besides its recreational benefits, this shroom strain provides a life-altering spiritual trip and multiple medical benefits. Consumers use the Tidal Wave to combat depression, stress, and anxiety. In low doses, the strain helps boost creativity, productivity, and focus. Below is everything you need to know about the Tidal Wave magic mushroom strain. 

History of the Tidal Wave magic mushrooms

Tidal Wave is a stable hybrid resulting from a cross between B+ and Penis Envy magic mushroom strain. This strain picks the best features from both parents to become one of the best varieties out there. From Its Penis Envy parent, Tidal Wave inherits the soaring potency and visual-rich experience it provides.

These features blend perfectly with the smooth Psychedelic experience inherited from the B+ heritage. With such a rich history, you can expect incredible potency and effects that will keep you coming back for more. 


Tidal Wave is one aesthetic shroom strain. This variety is characterized by caps measuring between 25mm and 75mm, making them small to medium-sized. The caps take on a golden brown hue and appear wavy, hence the given name. 

The stipes are between 150mm to 200mm tall. They are white and thin but tend to broaden towards the base. This strain can easily bruise, thanks to the high psilocybin content. So, if you spot some blue patches, don’t fret – the shrooms are not compromised in any way. 

Potency and dosing

The Tidal Wave shroom has above-average potency, so consumers, especially the novice, are advised to approach it cautiously. The best approach is to start slow and go until you get to a dose that induces your preferred effects. Magic mushrooms react differently to different consumers, depending on factors like body size, age, brain chemistry, set, setting, and previous experience. Below is the suggested dosage for the Tidal Wave magic mushrooms;

0.1 to 0.25 grams: microdose

0.25 to 0.5 grams: creative dose

0.5 to 1 gram: recreation dose

1 to 2 grams: light psychedelic experience

2 to 3 grams: medium psychedelic experience

3 to 5 grams: strong psychedelic experience

5+ grams: heroic dose – spiritual experience 

Experiencing the Tidal Wave magic mushrooms

The Tidal Wave strain is an excellent pick for socializing in small, controlled doses. The shroom can be taken while on a beach walk, hiking expedition, or when you simply need to chill and bond with friends. The strain induces potent euphoria, clear thoughts, and makes one have a deeper connection with the environment and people around them. You can expect mild hallucinations, fractals, and light sensitivity. 

In high doses, Tidal Wave provides a revelatory, spiritual experience. For a life-altering experience, prepare the set and setting and be ready to let go. Prepare snacks beforehand that can last between 4 to 6 hours.


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