Melmac, aka Melmac Penis Envy, or Homestead Penis envy, is a unique strain with a rich, exciting history. This Psilocybin Cubensis variety’s origin can be traced back to the Amazon Rainforest in 1970. The strain has numerous similarities with the legendary Penis Envy strain (potency levels, physical features, and origin). A feature that sets this strain from others is the potent, shamanic effects it provides, thanks to its soaring Psilocybin levels. 

Melmac magic mushrooms are a delight to mycologists as they are easy to grow and colonize aggressively. The fungus thrives in a subtropical climate and enriched soils, grains, and equine dung. These shrooms produce an impressive yield when subjected to optimum conditions. Below is all the information you need to know about the Melmac magic mushrooms. 



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History of the Melmac magic mushrooms

Melmac shrooms are a variation/mutation of the Penis Envy magic mushrooms. This strain results from years of selective breeding of the Penis envy shroom. Mycologists from the Homestead Company started working with the P.E strain hoping to create a more advanced version. In the end, Melmac, a formidably potent strain, was created. Homestead mycologists sold Melmac’s print throughout the 80s before the company disappeared. This strain remained unknown until the current psychedelic reconnaissance led to its re-discovery. Now, Melmac shrooms are among the most sought-after Psilocybin Cubensis varieties. 


Melmac is a medium to large-sized shroom. The strain has similar physical attributes as Penis Envy but appears bigger with some differences here and there. Melmac magic mushrooms are characterized by golden, wavy caps and colorless contorted stripes. This is a highly distinguishable strain, which psychonauts and mycologists can easily identify at first glance. 

MELMAC Potency levels and dosing

This is an exceptionally potent strain that you should approach with caution. Consumers who have tried this strain will advise anyone to start slow and go slow for the best experience. Below is the recommended dosing for Melmac magic mushrooms;

Microdose: 0.1 to 0.5 grams

Creative dose: 0.5 to 1.5 grams

Museum dose: 1.5 to2.5 grams

Psychedelic dose: 2.5 to 3.5 grams

Heroic dose: 3.5 to 5 grams

Experiencing the Melmac magic mushrooms

When it comes to shroom consumption, a good trip is determined by multiple factors. First, you must ensure that the set and setting in conducive to a psychedelic experience. Have the right mind frame and choose a familiar, comfortable environment (surroundings and people) to guarantee a pleasant, life-changing experience. Dosing also plays a huge role, so ensure you don’t take too much of the shrooms, or you might experience a bad trip.

Melmac magic mushrooms provide what can be referred to as an otherworldly experience. 10 to 40 minutes after consumption, one starts to experience intense visuals and euphoria. The consumer experiences an introspective journey that allows them to evaluate their inner self. The deep shamanic experience leads to altered consciousness and personal rediscovery. Ego death is inevitable in high doses. Through this experience, one is stripped of their subjective self-identity, resulting in a non-biased, more open individual. Before the trip, ensure you have water, food, and psychedelic music prepared for a seamless experience. 


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