Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms


Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushrooms Overview 

Take your dose of the Jedi Mind Fuck magic mushrooms and become one with the force. This shroom is known for its soaring potency, unique features, and the incredible visuals it provides. Jedi Mind Fuck takes you to another galaxy as you dive into a deep reflection of your inner self. This strain has gradually become a staple for psychonauts across the globe, and most especially in Canada. Psychonauts who come across this strain praise it for the otherworldly experience it offers. 

Jedi Mind Fuck has unique features that make it best suited for more experienced mycologists and researchers. The shroom is a fast colonizer and produces above-average yields. The strain thrives in a subtropical climate with high humidity and mild winters. Below is all the information you need to know about the revered Jedi Mind Fuck mushroom strain. 

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History of the Jedi Mind Fuck magic mushrooms

The origin story of the Jedi Mind Fuck magic mushroom remains unclear. However, it is presumed that the shrooms were first discovered in the early 2000s by an individual known as Mycojoe as they were growing in a pile of dung. Mycojoe cultured and isolated the spores to create the strain we have all come to love to consume. Mycojoe distributed the spores, and eventually, the strain made it to the rest of the world. 

The name Jedi Mind Fuck came from warrior monks in the popular Star Wars franchise. The warriors could influence and influence the actions, behavior, and thoughts of others, hence the befitting name. 

Jedi Mind Fuck Strain Appearance 

The Jedi Mind Fuck shrooms are massive. The strain has thick, white stems and large, brown caps that appear washed out as the shrooms dry. Due to the high psilocybin levels, you will notice blue coloration on the shroom stems and caps. This is a result of psilocybin being exposed to air. Do not fret! This does not make the shrooms dangerous or less potent. 

Potency levels and dosing 

This is an incredibly potent strain with soaring psilocybin levels. Consequently, novice and expert shroom consumers should approach Jedi Mind Fuck cautiously as high doses can cause unwanted side effects. The rule to follow is ‘start slow and go slow.’ below is a table indicating the recommended dose for new and experienced consumers;


Dose  New shroom consumers Experienced shroom consumers
0.1 to 0.25 grams microdose microdose
0.25 to 0.5 grams Recreational  microdose
0.5 to 1 grams Mild psychedelic experience  Recreational dose
1 to 2 grams Moderate psychedelic experience Mild psychedelic experience 
3 to 4 grams Full dose for spiritual enlightenment Moderate psychedelic experience
4 to 5 grams Heroic dose – ego death Full dose for spiritual enlightenment 
5+ grams Not recommended  Heroic dose – ego dissolution


Experiencing the Jedi Mind Fuck magic mushrooms

The effects present within 30 to 40 minutes. Consumers experience joy and euphoria, which puts them in a better mood. As the trip intensifies, one will begin to see geometric patterns, warping, and fractals. The visuals are incredible, and the overall experience is seamless, especially under controlled dosages and proper set and setting. 

Introspection is part of the experience, allowing one to evaluate every aspect of their life for hours (4 to 6 hours). At higher doses, Jedi Mind Fuck provides a spiritual experience. Consumers become more in tune with their inner selves, the people around them, and nature. Whether you take this spiritual journey at home or out in the wild, ensure you are in the right set and a comfortable setting for a more fruitful experience. Additionally, since the trip may last up to 6 hours, pack some drinks and snacks and make a playlist of your favorite trippy music. 

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  1. Good-sized fruits and they were properly dried! Accidentally took 7g, lol might have been a bit much for one dose but what an exciting night it was! Haha, would definitely recommend it.

  2. Jedi Mind Fucks are the real deal. A galaxy far, far away feels much closer.🌌

  3. they took me somewhere very very long ago in a galaxy far far away!

  4. of my all time favourites

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