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Defence Blend Magic Mushroom Micro Dose

Founded on the principle of personal intent and a conscious collective, Think Mushrooms brings nature's medicine to you. Because healthy living isn't just about how you feed your body, it's how you FEED YOUR MIND.


How strong is your immunity? A good immune system ensures that our bodies are not susceptible to infectious diseases. This Think Mushroom defence blend improves the body’s innate healing capabilities, allowing you to live a healthy and wholesome life. Ancient civilizations (Egypt, China, etc.) believed that shrooms were linked to a long life. This can be proven by the countless research studies supporting the immunity-boosting properties of magic mushrooms. 

This blend contains several key ingredients that work in synergy to fight free radicals and help promote optimum body functioning. Experts picked each and every ingredient to help the body protect and defend itself against harmful foreign matter. These ingredients include 100 or 200mg Psilocybin Cubensis, 75mg Reishi, 75mg Turkey Tail, 75mg Elderflower, 75mg Turmeric, and 75mg Astragalus. This defence blend is uniquely created for microdosing and is meant to make consumption as seamless as possible. If you are looking for an effective, easy-to-dose, affordable defence blend with long-term benefits, look no further than the Think Mushroom defence blend. 

A breakdown of the ingredients and benefits 

Psilocybin Cubensis: this is a type of mushroom with psychedelic effects and multiple therapeutic benefits. When consumed, the psilocybin is converted to psilocybin, which interacts with the serotonin receptors to provide consumers with a wide range of benefits. The shrooms contain a compound named beta-glucan, which increases chemicals essential for infection prevention, inhibits cholesterol absorption from food, and improves heart health. Additionally, microdoses of psilocybin boost creativity, improve focus, and combats various mental conditions. 

Reishi Mushrooms: These non-psychedelic shrooms have been used for hundreds of years as immune enhancers. Reishi mushrooms work with white blood cells to fight multiple infections and cancer cells. The mushrooms contain over 400 nutrients that help with stress, sleep issues, lethargy, and blood pressure. 

Turkey tail: This is a powerful mushroom with multiple benefits. As a potent antioxidant, Turkey Tail helps the body eliminate harmful free radicals. It boosts the body’s immune response and strengthens body organs. Turkey Tail fights specific cancers and is popularly used to enhance the effects of cancer treatment. Additionally, this mushroom improves gut health by fostering optimum bacteria balance.

Elderflower: The flower extract contains a high level of antioxidant content and vitamin C, making it essential for the immune system. Elderflower is an antiviral that helps the body fight virus that causes colds and flu. The product also helps with diabetes, constipation, and swollen sinuses. 

Turmeric: This is much more than a spice. Turmeric has been used for centuries as a therapeutic product. It has an active compound known as curcumin that provides potent immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also helps with heart health, cancer prevention, pain, liver function, and digestion. 

Astragalus: This plant is primarily used to support and protect the immune system. It is also essential in lowering blood pressure, protecting the liver, and the treatment and management of diabetes. Studies also indicate that Astragalus may be helpful in wound care. 

About microdosing

Microdosing involves consuming fractions of a psychedelic dose to gain different benefits without experiencing mild alterations. Microdosers usually take 1/10 to 1/20 of a full dose to achieve clarity, focus, creativity, boosted immunity, or to combat various mental health conditions, such as stress, depression, and anxiety. 

The microdosing culture has become very popular among individuals who want to become productive and creative in their workplace to mothers battling postpartum depression. The small dose allows one to enjoy all the benefits of magic mushrooms without feeling euphoria, experiencing visuals, or spiritual awakening.

Therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms

For centuries, different communities used magic mushrooms for multiple traditional and medicinal ceremonies. The use of shrooms was popular across the globe until the 60s and 70s, when governments banned most drugs. However, the current psychedelic renaissance has renewed interest in shrooms’ benefits. According to multiple studies, magic mushrooms help with pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, cognitive function, immune response, brain health, and stress. 

Recommended dosage for the magic mushroom defense blend 

The recommended dose for the Think Mushroom defence blend is one capsule for individuals trying out microdosing and two for consumers with a tolerance. This can be taken a few days a week on alternate days or consecutively for 4 to 5 days, then taking a 2 to 3 days break.

Top reasons to pick the magic mushroom defence blend 

Easy to dose: each capsule contains a precise dosage, so you don’t need to do any calculations. Simply open the container, take out your capsule (s), and wait 30 minutes for the onset. Capsules are convenient to use and highly discreet. 

Multiple benefits: the Think Mushroom defence blend is a mixture of 5 highly beneficial ingredients. The blend provides an immunity boost alongside multiple other benefits.

Reasonable pricing: when it comes to pricing, Think Mushroom has got your back. The brand’s products come at pocket-friendly prices, so you can always be assured of the best deals. 



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  1. About 5 minutes after I posted my last review about all the trouble I was having and that the 2 day Express Shipping took from Jan 4 – Jan 9 to reach me and that I was supposed to receive 1/2 Ounce Variety Pack of B+/Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms and that I only received the B+ Mushrooms, I received a call directly from the company. Talk about above and beyond. I thought at most I’d receive an e-mail. The guy apologized for all the trouble and “was going to make it right”.

    These guys are the real deal. Everyone makes mistakes but not all companies are so fast at responding. That makes me feel like my patronage is highly valued, which in turn makes me want to shop there again. I am glad that I took a chance on Think Mushrooms. I hope they’ll send me an e-mail or call and tell me what exactly they’re going to do for me.

    One thing is for certain, these guys will do as much as possible to make sure that they’re customers are happy with they’re purchases. I would and will definately use them again.

    On another note, the B+ Mushrooms I did receive were good, I would’ve preferred a more visual experience but I was very happy with the trip I had with the B+.

  2. Feeling strong and energetic ever since I started.

  3. I don’t know what kind of magic they put in DEFENCE BLEND, but it works. My immune system is stronger than ever.

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