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The history of the Costa Rican magic mushrooms

The Costa Rican magic mushrooms were first discovered by a man named ‘Rhino’ as he was making a trip around the Arenal volcano mountain. The shrooms had been growing at an elevation of 300 t0 365 meters on the 7000-year-old volcano mountain for hundreds of years. Since its discovery, the Costa Rican shroom has become an integral part of the local culture, often used for important ceremonies. The shrooms also gain a lot of attention from tourists visiting the country. 


The Costa Rican shrooms have a distinct appearance, characterized by wide caps with a pointed top. The shrooms have a golden yellow hue when freshly harvested. This color becomes pale once the shrooms dry and appear withered. 

The stipes/stems are long and thin. You may notice that the shrooms may have some blue-green coloration across the body. Do not be alarmed. This results from bruising during the harvesting or storage process and does not affect the potency of the shrooms in any way. 

Potency level and dosing  

Costa Rican magic mushrooms have low potency, making them a perfect fit for novice consumers. However, this does not mean veteran consumers cannot benefit from its potent visuals and spiritual effects. Proper dosing is the key to achieving the ultimate recreational or psychedelic experience. The recommended museum dose is 0.5 to 1.5 grams, moderate doses range from 2 to 3.5 grams, and high doses start from 3.5 grams and upwards. A Costa Rican psychedelic trip typically lasts 6 hours. 

Experiencing the Costa Rican magic mushrooms

A recreational dose of Costa Rican magic mushrooms provides a stimulating, euphoric, and happiness-inducing experience. Consumers feel love and an intense connection with nature and the people around them. This is best experienced in an outdoor setup where one can marvel at nature’s beauty. 

A psychedelic dose provides a cool balance of warm visuals and spiritual enlightenment. You may experience a mystical experience that makes you see beyond yourself. Although you will not enjoy much retrospection, this strain makes up for this by providing excellent visuals. For a seamless experience, ensure you are in the right headspace and in a conducive environment that feels calm and safe. It's always recommended that you have a sitter with you to guide and assure you throughout the trip. 


Expand your consciousness with these exotic mushrooms from Costa Rica. The Costa Rican magic mushroom is a legendary strain that provides an experience that perfectly balances spiritual enlightenment and warm, vivid visuals. These exotic shrooms have a long history as recreational and spiritual agents and are a top choice for many psychonauts. 

The Costa Rican shrooms thrive in a warm, humid environment and grow rapidly. The shrooms grow optimally in the wild but can also be grown in a controlled environment under the right conditions. If you are looking for a shroom strain that will help you look into yourself and connect with nature and the people around you, look no further. 

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  1. Costa Rica mushroom, very good.

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