#2 Brain Builder


We all want to perform our best, but sometimes it can be difficult to do it all on our own. Breaking down old patterns and ways of thinking can be the first step to newer and better solutions.

That’s where Brain Builder comes in; to help you build new pathways and find a better you. 


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Brain Builder Magic Mushroom Micro Dose

Founded on the principle of personal intent and a conscious collective, Think Mushrooms brings nature's medicine to you. Because healthy living isn't just about how you feed your body, it's how you FEED YOUR MIND.

Give yourself a cognitive boost with our forest blend; build neural pathways with Lions Mane and fight fatigue with the help of Cordyceps. Perform your best with Brain Builder.

Reviews 3

3 reviews for #2 Brain Builder

A (verified owner)

Great stuff. I’m new to microdosing and this blend has helped me focused at work. One day I got greedy and took 2 (200mg) before work thinking my tolerance has built up. I was definitely not okay at work and had to leave. So word of advice is don’t over do it ?

A (verified owner)

just wanted to share my micro-dosing experience so far. I’ve always been intrigued but didn’t know where to start or find a reputable source until I saw a post on Instagram from nicoleviee. I ordered the millennial blend and brain builder blend to start. So far I’m loving both, but my favourite one is the brain builder blend. I find it really helps with my ADHD, keeps me focused and relaxes me. Typically I’m nervous and tend to stutter sometimes when speaking to patients at work but I find this really calms my nerves down. I like millennial blend for a little bit of a mood boost, it helps me get out of my head as well. LOVING the journey so far.


My cousin told me about this product and after I had done some research on the mental health benefits I wanted to try for myself.
It’s been months that I had the worst brain fog, anxiety and depressed mood. I took this for a couple of days and I feel like myself again.
After the first dose my brain fog completely disappeared. After the second dose I feel more motivated and focused. I can’t explain it but I really like this product and maybe it’s a placebo effect but I think it really works.
My goal was to see how it’s helps with ADHD and panic Attacks and so far it’s be beyond helpful. I’ll be buying this product again and have recommended it to friends and family.

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