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  1. About 5 minutes after I posted my last review about all the trouble I was having and that the 2 day Express Shipping took from Jan 4 – Jan 9 to reach me and that I was supposed to receive 1/2 Ounce Variety Pack of B+/Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms and that I only received the B+ Mushrooms, I received a call directly from the company. Talk about above and beyond. I thought at most I’d receive an e-mail. The guy apologized for all the trouble and “was going to make it right”.

    These guys are the real deal. Everyone makes mistakes but not all companies are so fast at responding. That makes me feel like my patronage is highly valued, which in turn makes me want to shop there again. I am glad that I took a chance on Think Mushrooms. I hope they’ll send me an e-mail or call and tell me what exactly they’re going to do for me.

    One thing is for certain, these guys will do as much as possible to make sure that they’re customers are happy with they’re purchases. I would and will definately use them again.

    On another note, the B+ Mushrooms I did receive were good, I would’ve preferred a more visual experience but I was very happy with the trip I had with the B+.

  2. WOW! Fantastic product from TM. The Albino Treasure Mushrooms provided an excellent high and, to my surprise, were a bit heavier than listed. They obviously aren’t trying to shortchange anyone. Two thumbs up!

  3. Their Albino are legit. Took 3 G’s and the universe unfolded. Some minor spelilng errors on the site but who cares? The product is gold!

  4. Great fun at a low cost. These dried mushrooms are a total game-changer.

  5. These dried magic mushrooms are the perfect balance of intense visuals and fun. The trip started off nicely with a warm feeling that left me relaxed and content. I felt like I was traveling through a psychedelic wonderland as my vision became brighter and colors more vivid. When I closed my eyes, patterns emerged, dancing to the beat of an invisible drum line in time with my music. It was a real treat to have these visuals while still being able to enjoy myself in conversation with friends or simply lying down and listening to music.

    The ALBINO TREASURE mushrooms allowed me to explore this sensory world without having too much intensity for it to be overwhelming or scary.

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