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Albino Penis Envy, or APE magic mushrooms, is a Psilocybin Cubensis variety that takes tripping to the next level. These highly potent shrooms are a sub-variety of the famous Penis Envy strain. They provide a spiritual experience that is enlightening and empowering. This is one of the most-sought shroom strains on the market, and for good reasons: the trip they provide makes a long-lasting impression on a consumer’s life. 

Go apeshit for our new albino penis envy’s!

A derivative of the very rare and  famous Penis Envy strain, this ghostly white variation is known for its euphoric high and long duration. Esteemed by the connoisseurs this unique strain is sure to take you on a special journey. Albino Penis Envys are known to be highly potent and insightful. Not only are they interestingly shaped and funny to look at, they will have you looking at life with an awakened sense of self . They are sure to get your brain going and your body giggling. Float away with these interestingly shaped mushrooms.

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ORIGINS of the Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms

Albino Penis Envy is a hybrid shroom strain resulting from a cross between the renowned Penis Envy and Albino A+ magic mushrooms. According to several sources, this strain is said to have been engineered by famous mycologist, writer, and magic mushroom advocate, Terence McKenna. The strain has built itself a stellar reputation as one of the most potency magic mushroom varieties. In modern-day, this strain flies off the shelf of any store as soon as it is stocked, which explains how much of an impact this strain has on the psychedelic culture.


This strain is a visually appealing, small-sized shroom strain. The caps are white and have a diameter ranging from 2 to 4cms. The short (8 to 10cm tall), thick, white stems are contorted and appear bulbous around the midsection. You may spot some blue coloration on this strain since it bruises easily. However, do not be alarmed, as this only confirms the presence of psilocybin and does not affect the potency. 

Potency levels and dosing

As the most potent Penis Envy variant, this strain should be approached with caution. Higher than recommended doses can lead to a bad trip characterized by paranoia, panic, increased heart rate, and losing a grip on reality. As with all psychedelics, consumers are advised to start slow and increase the dosage gradually until they attain desired effects. Below is the recommended dosage for the Albino Penis Envy magic mushroom strain;

0.2 to 0.5 grams: microdose

0.5 to 1 gram: mild dosage 

1 to 2 grams: medium dose

2 to 3 grams: full experience dosage 

3 to 5 grams: heroic dose 

Experiencing the Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms

This iconic strain is known to induce euphoria, deep thoughts, and a joyful trip that lasts between 4 to 5 hours. Consumers experience intense visual and auditory hallucinations and distorted reality. Time dilation becomes a reality, and everything seems amplified, from sounds to color. 

Higher doses provide a spiritual experience that redefines a consumer’s life. The experience makes a lasting impact that leaves psychonauts with a deep sense of aliveness, contentedness, and interconnectedness. The Albino Penis Envy strain is a top pick for anyone who wants to discover their inner self and alter their lives for the better. For the best experience, ensure that you begin the trip with a positive mind frame and that the environment is familiar and safe. 


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  1. About 5 minutes after I posted my last review about all the trouble I was having and that the 2 day Express Shipping took from Jan 4 – Jan 9 to reach me and that I was supposed to receive 1/2 Ounce Variety Pack of B+/Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms and that I only received the B+ Mushrooms, I received a call directly from the company. Talk about above and beyond. I thought at most I’d receive an e-mail. The guy apologized for all the trouble and “was going to make it right”.

    These guys are the real deal. Everyone makes mistakes but not all companies are so fast at responding. That makes me feel like my patronage is highly valued, which in turn makes me want to shop there again. I am glad that I took a chance on Think Mushrooms. I hope they’ll send me an e-mail or call and tell me what exactly they’re going to do for me.

    One thing is for certain, these guys will do as much as possible to make sure that they’re customers are happy with they’re purchases. I would and will definately use them again.

    On another note, the B+ Mushrooms I did receive were good, I would’ve preferred a more visual experience but I was very happy with the trip I had with the B+.

  2. Je les trouvais petit , cependant ça la fait la job . J’ai pris un 3.5et va vaut un 5 G d un autre sorte. Ce fut une belle expérience visuel , intellectuel et spirituel. Merci??

  3. Très bon champignon. Assez costeau je n’est pas dépasser le 1 gramme pour faire un très très très bon voyage. Très fort testé le avant… avec un petit 0.5 gramme… Bon trip

  4. These sacred magical mushrooms are absolutely mind blowing. These are perhaps the most spiritual, self reflective, going deep within myself mushrooms I have ever experienced. I was away at nature retreat for three days (off the grid) and these mushrooms complimented/enhanced my entire experience. I should also mention I was working with horses (animal medicine) and it was completely profound. There were a few moments where I had complete out of body experiences; tapping into my higher self and unity consciousness.

    I have done Ayahusaca multiple times in the amazon and the Albino Penis Envy mushrooms has a similar frequency. If used correctly, with intention, and full respect for the medicine, you can heal ones wounds, integrate, and move forward (that’s exactly what I use them for).

    A MUST HAVE for the Urban Shaman.

  5. Awesome. Was skeptical at first due to new company but these are the bomb!

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