Albino Penis Envy


Go apeshit for our new albino penis envy’s!

A derivative of the very rare and  famous Penis Envy strain, this ghostly white variation is known for its euphoric high and long duration. Esteemed by the connoisseurs this unique strain is sure to take you on a special journey. Albino Penis Envys are known to be highly potent and insightful. Not only are they interestingly shaped and funny to look at, they will have you looking at life with an awakened sense of self . They are sure to get your brain going and your body giggling. Float away with these interestingly shaped mushrooms.

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4 reviews for Albino Penis Envy

B (verified owner)

Awesome. Was skeptical at first due to new company but these are the bomb!

Nodnarb (verified owner)

These sacred magical mushrooms are absolutely mind blowing. These are perhaps the most spiritual, self reflective, going deep within myself mushrooms I have ever experienced. I was away at nature retreat for three days (off the grid) and these mushrooms complimented/enhanced my entire experience. I should also mention I was working with horses (animal medicine) and it was completely profound. There were a few moments where I had complete out of body experiences; tapping into my higher self and unity consciousness.

I have done Ayahusaca multiple times in the amazon and the Albino Penis Envy mushrooms has a similar frequency. If used correctly, with intention, and full respect for the medicine, you can heal ones wounds, integrate, and move forward (that’s exactly what I use them for).

A MUST HAVE for the Urban Shaman.

Québécois heureux (verified owner)

Très bon champignon. Assez costeau je n’est pas dépasser le 1 gramme pour faire un très très très bon voyage. Très fort testé le avant… avec un petit 0.5 gramme… Bon trip

Valerie Duhaime-Chagnon (verified owner)

Je les trouvais petit , cependant ça la fait la job . J’ai pris un 3.5et va vaut un 5 G d un autre sorte. Ce fut une belle expérience visuel , intellectuel et spirituel. Merci??

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