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  1. Ordered 2 –
    1st , steeped only steeped for a short period. Didn’t last as long as I wanted.
    The coco was a bit weird of a combo
    Was a good time
    2nd – steeped & let sit for a longer period time. Again coco was a bit weird. Used less water
    Trip was better then the first time.
    Undecided if I’ll order again.
    Would recommend for novice/beginner users

  2. Exceptional mushrooms
    Split them into 2 – trips
    1st. Day trip – floored – ate 3.5 to start was excellent, no gut rot – able to eat later that night , came out of the trip easily.
    2nd trip – Night time trip -ate 6.5 – unbelievable time – cry laughing – couldn’t even spell simple movie titles to watch. Floored – Warm visuals , lots of uncontrollable laughter – best bday trip in years.
    Highly recomend

  3. I have never tried these. I am trying them for the first time. I am hoping that they help with my high blood pressure and stress.