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We Tried And Reviewed Places To Trip On Magic Mushrooms In Calgary

Roaming through the lively streets of Calgary, you could easily overlook the enchanting adventures that some of its residents are quietly pursuing. Beneath the bustling surface lies a hidden world where magic mushrooms serve as vessels for voyages beyond ordinary life, promising glimpses into otherworldly realms.

If your curiosity has been piqued by the thought of venturing into these enigmatic experiences or trying out various mystical strains, know that this intrigue is shared by many.

It’s no surprise—we too have felt that pull to discover safe havens within Calgary for delving into this age-old natural marvel. That’s why when Think Mushrooms dispensary caught our attention with their tempting 20% off deal on a first order and an array of vibrant psychedelics on offer, we couldn’t help but lean in closer.

Our pursuit led us down paths both literal and metaphorical as we sought out prime locations across our city perfect for embarking upon these shroom-fueled journeys.

This guide is designed to walk you through those special places we’ve uncovered—spots that can transform your psychedelic journey from mere escapade to extraordinary enlightenment.

Join us as we reveal these local gems together!


Key Takeaways

  • Magic mushrooms have different types like Penis Envy, Enigma, and Blue Meanies which can change your mood or thoughts.
  • People in Calgary use magic mushrooms to feel less sad, worried, or stressed. Some even get help from doctors for big problems like PTSD.
  • You can buy shrooms online from places like Think Mushrooms or at local stores in Calgary.
  • Safe spots to enjoy shrooms in Calgary include Prince’s Island Park and Nose Hill Park among others.
  • Taking the right amount of magic mushrooms is important because it changes how strong your trip will be.

The Magic Mushroom Strains We Found in Calgary

The Magic Mushroom Strains We Found in Calgary

In our quest through Calgary, we uncovered a variety of magic mushroom strains, each offering a unique journey for the mind and soul. Our discoveries led us to potent varieties known for their profound effects on perception and emotional well-being.

Penis Envy Mushrooms

We came across Penis Envy mushrooms, a famous strain known for its strong effects. This mushroom is easy to spot with its thick, wrinkled stem and unique appearance. Lots of people in Calgary talk about it because it’s supposed to give you a very intense trip.

Our visit to Think Mushrooms in Calgary showed us they have plenty of these mushrooms ready to buy. First-time buyers even get 20% off, making it tempting to try this powerful strain.

We learned that Penis Envy has more of the magic stuff called psilocybin compared to other kinds. This means even small amounts can really change your mood and thoughts.


Enigma Mushrooms

Enigma Mushrooms

After exploring the potency of Penis Envy mushrooms in Calgary, we turned our attention to another interesting variety – Enigma mushrooms. These are not your average shrooms; they stand out with their unique appearance and intense effects.

Known for delivering a powerful experience, Enigma mushrooms pack a punch that can take you on quite the journey.

Our search led us to Think Mushrooms, a local dispensary offering an impressive selection of psychedelics, including the enigma strain. Their promise of quality and safety made us confident about trying these out.

We were eager to explore how these mysterious fungi could influence mood and perception, tapping into their therapeutic potential as more Canadians are doing every day. With careful consideration of dosage, we embarked on an enlightening trip that opened our eyes to why magic mushrooms in Calgary are gaining popularity among those seeking new experiences and mental wellness boosters.

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Blue Meanies Mushrooms

We came across Blue Meanies mushrooms in Calgary and got curious. These are not like the common mushrooms you find in the wild. They’re powerful magic mushrooms known for their strong effects.

The name “Blue Meanies” comes from how they can turn blue when touched.

These shrooms pack a punch with both psilocybin and psilocin, the stuff that makes you trip. If you take them, you might feel really happy or see things differently for a few hours.

People use them to have fun or sometimes to feel better if they are sad or worried. But remember, like all magic mushrooms, it’s important to be careful with how much you take and where you get them from.


The Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

The Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Delving into the world of magic mushrooms, we’ve uncovered their profound impact on mental health, with emerging research highlighting their potential to revolutionize therapeutic practices.

These natural psychedelics offer more than just an escape; they’re a gateway to healing for those grappling with emotional burdens.



We understand that life can get heavy, and sometimes a little help is needed to lift the spirits. Magic mushrooms have been making waves in Calgary with their potential to ease depression.

At magic mushroom dispensaries like Think Mushrooms, customers are turning to psilocybin as a hopeful remedy for their blues. It’s not just talk either; research backs up these claims, showing that even small doses of psilocybin can boost mood and offer new perspectives.

Our interest led us to explore how these fungi might change lives in Calgary. We’ve heard stories from folks who found light after dark times, thanks to controlled shroom therapy at local clinics.

Reports reveal seekers of both spiritual and mental relief embracing the trend of microdosing shrooms, including an Airdrie man whose fight with terminal cancer includes federal approval for magic mushroom treatment.

These experiences shape our quest for understanding how mushrooms can support those battling depression in our community.



Feeling worried or nervous is something many people face. It can make your heart beat fast and cause trouble with sleeping or focusing. Magic mushrooms might help with these feelings.

People in Calgary, like us, are learning about how these fungi can calm the mind.

Some of us have tried small amounts of magic mushrooms as a mood booster every day. It’s helping more Canadians feel less anxious. In Calgary, there’s even a clinic offering mushroom therapy for hard problems like PTSD and anxiety.

This new way of treatment is getting attention and changing how we think about magic mushrooms in our city.



We know that life can throw some pretty hard punches. For those who’ve seen too much or been through tough times, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be a heavy burden. Magic mushrooms have shown promise in easing this weight off one’s shoulders.

Research and stories from folks right here in Calgary suggest that the active compounds in these mushrooms, psilocybin, and psilocin, might help calm the storms in people’s minds.

Our own look into magic mushrooms Calgary found out something hopeful. A man from Airdrie with terminal cancer got special approval to use magic mushroom therapy right here at a clinic.

His experience gives others dealing with PTSD a glimpse of new possibilities for healing and coping with deep emotional pain. It’s all part of a growing shift as more Canadians consider psilocybin not just for fun but as part of their mental health toolkit.


Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

Discovering where to purchase magic mushrooms in Calgary is simpler than you might imagine, and we’ll unveil trusted sources that have enriched our psychonautic adventures.


Online Dispensaries

Online dispensaries in Calgary are a great place to buy magic mushrooms. We found Think Mushrooms online, and they offer lots of different psychedelics. On our first order, we got a 20% discount, which was awesome.

They have many strains like Penis Envy and Blue Meanies.

These shops are easy to use from home or anywhere with internet. Customers looking for treatment can find what they need at these places. Some folks even take small amounts of psilocybin every day to feel better, it’s getting more popular in Canada.

It seems like magic mushroom stores might become as common as pot shops soon.


Local Vendors

While exploring options online gives us convenience, stepping into local shops adds a personal touch to our magic mushroom journey. Calgary has a few spots where curious folks like us can wander in and find a range of magic mushrooms ready for purchase.

We came across vendors who not only sell but are passionate about sharing their knowledge on the benefits of these fungi.

Visiting these local stores allowed us to chat with staff and learn more about what we were buying. They offered insights into how each strain might affect us, which was super helpful for making informed choices.

Stores like Think Mushrooms made it easy with their friendly atmosphere and great discounts—it’s no wonder they’re becoming as common as pot shops used to be! With places offering 20% off our first haul, we found ourselves returning just for the good vibes and expert advice on finding the right dosage to keep things safe and enjoyable.


Our Experience Trying Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

Immersing ourselves in Calgary’s psychedelic scene, we carefully sampled select magic mushrooms to share the most vivid and transformative experiences with you—dive deeper into our journey for the full trip report.


Our Favorite Places to Trip

We Tried And Reviewed Places To Trip On Magic Mushrooms In Calgary | Buy Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Online Canada

We explored Calgary for the best spots to enjoy magic mushrooms. The city has some great places where we felt safe and at peace.

  • Prince’s Island Park: Out in nature, with the Bow River singing beside us, Prince’s Island Park offered a peaceful spot to experience the beauty of magic mushrooms. Trees and flowers seemed to dance, making our trip both calming and enchanting.
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park: As one of Canada’s largest urban parks, it gave us plenty of space to wander. The vast open skies and gentle sounds of creek water enhanced our trip with a sense of freedom.
  • Nose Hill Park: With its wide views of the city and sky, Nose Hill Park made us feel on top of the world. Tripping here at sunset brought out vibrant colors that took our breath away.
  • Stephen Avenue Walk: For a more urban setting, we strolled down Stephen Avenue Walk. The bustling street life mixed with historical buildings created a unique backdrop for our psychedelic journey.
  • Calgary Tower: Looking out from the observation deck high above the city provided an extraordinary perspective. It was as if we could see beyond everyday life into something much larger.


Dosage and Effects

Finding the right dose of magic mushrooms is key. Too much, and you might have a strong trip that could feel overwhelming. Just a little can boost your mood or help you think deeply.

We learned about microdosing, where people take tiny amounts of psilocybin regularly to stay sharp and happy without tripping.

The effects we felt after taking mushrooms varied. Some of us felt really happy, while others saw bright colors or patterns when they closed their eyes. A few even said it helped them think in new ways about old problems.

Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently to shrooms.

Next up: our thoughts on where to get these fascinating fungi in Calgary!



We’ve explored the world of magic mushrooms right here in Calgary. From eye-opening strains to impressive benefits, our journey has been quite the trip. We found places to buy and try these fascinating fungi and shared our own experiences with you.

Remember, if you’re curious about shrooms, Calgary’s got a spot for you too! Just stay informed and use them wisely.