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Magic Mushroom Spores: Where To Buy Them In Canada

Magic mushroom consumption is a prevalent practice, especially in Canada. For most consumers, their main source of psychedelic mushrooms is online dispensaries.

For others, growing the shrooms from scratch provides more convenience and control over the final product’s quality, potency, and safety.

There are over 200 species of fungi that produce psilocybin, a psychedelic compound used recreationally and therapeutically. Among these species, Psilocybin Cubensis, aka magic mushrooms, is one of the easiest to cultivate. 

Magic mushrooms come in different shapes, sizes, potencies, and have varying growing requirements. If you plan to grow shrooms in the comfort of your home, getting yourself some magic mushroom spores is warranted. This guide covers vital information on spores, including what they are, how to use them, and where to buy them in Canada. 


Why are magic mushrooms popular? 

Magic mushroom Spores

Magic mushrooms provide a host of medical and recreational benefits, hence their growing popularity. Studies show that fungi help with anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, and cluster headaches. In small doses (microdoses), magic mushrooms help to boost productivity, immunity, creativity, focus, cognitive function, and improve mood.

In large doses (megadoses), shrooms take the consumer to another realm where they experience spiritual awakening, ego dissolution, and transcendence. This helps one become a better person and connects them to the people around them and nature at large. 

What are magic mushroom spores?

While cannabis plants can be grown using seeds or clones, magic mushrooms use spores to reproduce. Spores are single-celled reproductive units that are placed in a substrate (a growth medium) and develop into magic mushrooms. The substrate can be made of multiple compounds, but brown rice, flour, vermiculite, and water are the most common. The substrates provide nutrients and a conducive environment for the spores to grow into mycelium and, finally, into mature shrooms.

Spores come in vials, syringes, or prints. You must conduct thorough research on which form best suits your experience level. Shroom cultivation is time-consuming and requires patience, skill, and multiple pieces of equipment. Additionally, there are hundreds of magic mushroom strains. As a grower, you need to know about the different growth requirements for the strain in order to attain optimum yields. You can find spores for popular strains like Penis Envy, Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, Melmac, Costa Rican, and Jerry Garcia.      

How are magic mushroom spores used?

As mentioned earlier, magic mushroom cultivation is a complicated process. Most strains do not do well when exposed to a non-sterile environment, so the first thing to do is ensure that every piece of equipment is sterilized before starting the process. Once this is done, inject your spores into the substrate. The spores will feed off the substrate, and in no time (1 to 2 weeks), the spores will germinate into mycelium. 

This is similar to the vegetative phase. During this stage, the mycelium requires a warm and humid environment with unrestricted airflow to colonize fully. The colonization process is complete within 2 to 6 weeks. To switch to the fruiting stage, lower the temperatures and increase the oxygen flow. 

The shroom now enters the fruiting/pinning stage, where it begins to take the characteristic shroom shape. Within 2 weeks, the shrooms are ready for harvest. 

Where to buy magic mushroom spores in Canada?

Unlike magic mushrooms, shroom spores in many countries are either legal or exist in a legal gray area. As a result, the spores are much easier to come by in Canada and other parts of the world. The spores are available in a wide range of places, including local head shops, online stores, and from mycologists.

You need to explore the options available and go for a spore distributor who is reliable, reputable, and affordable.  Explore the different strains available, and if you are a novice cultivator, go for the one that is resilient and with a high contamination resistance – mistakes are bound to happen within the first few trials. 

The spores come in syringes or vials measuring 10cc, so you are guaranteed multiple batches since you will use a quarter of the spore solution per batch.

Buying spores vs. dried magic mushrooms

Magic Mushroom Spores Tiny

Growing magic mushrooms at home can be a rewarding experience. As a cultivator, you gain control over the sterility, potency, and amount of shrooms you grow. Acquiring magic mushroom spores is straightforward, and the vials/syringes are relatively cheap. Additionally, you can use the spore solution multiple times, hence offering value for money. 

That said, cultivating mushrooms is a tedious process that requires experience and patience. It also requires you to obtain a host of equipment ranging from an incubator to jars and a fruiting chamber. You will also need to seclude a sterile area to cultivate the shrooms. 

Because of this, many individuals opt to buy already harvested and dried magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are available in multiple dispensaries across Canada. If you are looking for premium magic mushroom products, such as edibles, dried mushrooms, and microdoses, Think Mushroom is a top contender. The store stocks a wide range of shroom products in varying potencies to suit the needs of different consumers. At Think Mushrooms, you are guaranteed the best prices plus tons of deals and discounts. 

Take away 

Magic mushroom spores are the reproductive units of shrooms. They are usually available in vials/syringes and are sold to anyone who chooses to cultivate magic mushrooms at home. The spores are sold in local headshops and online stores specializing in magic mushroom spores. 

While growing magic mushrooms at home is a thrilling experience, it can be equated to a double-edged sword – it is quite demanding, requires skill, and purchasing the equipment needed can be extremely expensive. 

To avoid this, the best alternative is to purchase magic mushrooms directly from a reputable source. At Think Mushrooms, you can purchase your preferred shroom product: chocolates, microdosing capsules, dried mushrooms, or shroom tea.