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How To choose The Ideal Magic Mushroom Strain

For most people, all magic mushrooms strain are similar and provide the same effects: nothing could be further from the truth. While all shrooms interact with our bodies via the same channels, each offers a unique experience that makes them best suited for a specific purpose/intent. Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, athlete, or a mum looking to navigate day-to-day life, there is a strain to help you become the best version of yourself. This piece looks at the top 2 shroom strain for each category of individuals listed below;

  1. Artists and musicians
  2. Mothers 
  3. Entrepreneurs and individuals in demanding professions 
  4. Athletes 

The best magic mushroom strains for artists and musicians: Penis Envy and Jerry Garcia 

Magic mushrooms have been, for centuries, being known to enhance creative thinking and foster inspiration. Consequently, shrooms have been the go-to choice for many artists, authors, and musicians. The shrooms help to eliminate the creativity block that most artists face once in a while. Conceptual artist and philosopher Adrian Piper, singer and songwriter Yoko Uno, musician Miley Cyrus, and Musician Post Malone are some of the celebrities who have acknowledged their magic mushrooms use. 

The Penis Envy shroom strain is a top choice for boosting creativity and fostering inspiration. The strain is among the most potent varieties available and is considered a favorite among shroom enthusiasts. Penis Envy was created by renowned mycologists Terrence McKenna in the 70s. Artists and musicians seek the strain for its ability to induce synesthesia (hear colors and see sound). Many artists have accredited this experience as the reason behind their success. 

Jerry Garcia is a popular strain named after a famous singer, songwriter, and shroom enthusiast. The strain provides potent cerebral and physical effects that make consumers feel euphoric, happy, and free. Jerry Garcia releases the mind from captivity, allowing the consumer to think outside the box – just what any creative person looks for. The strain provides powerful visuals and enlightenment and enables one to make out fractalized patterns in everything. This strain is best taken outdoors as it allows one to appreciate nature in all its essence. This provides enough inspiration to complete a painting, lyric, or chapter. 

The best magic mushroom strains for entrepreneurs and individuals in demanding professions: Golden Teacher and White Spider 

Golden Teachers Mushrooms Zoom

Silicon Valley is one of the busiest workplaces on the planet. The region is referred to as the center for technology and innovation. Working there requires people who can remain focused and productive despite the pressure. As a result, a section of tech-savvy individuals came up with the idea of taking magic mushrooms and other psychedelics in small quantities (microdoses) to foster creativity, productivity, and focus to keep them above the competition. This practice has widely spread beyond Silicon Valley, and now, many business people use shrooms to help them navigate the pressure and demands of the workplace.

The Golden Teacher strain has a stellar reputation that speaks for itself. The strain provides a smooth and gentle psychedelic experience that instils teachings and memorable lessons in consumers. Golden Teachers is also used in most microdose formulations. The strain helps with creativity, focus, and productivity in small amounts. Most entrepreneurs use Golden teachers to give them the competitive edge required to take their business to the next level. 

Another excellent pick for entrepreneurs is the White Spider. This strain is deeply introspective, allowing one to explore different options to come up with better ideas/solutions/strategies to push the business ahead. Although White Spider is not as popular as Golden Teacher, the strain is excellent for anyone looking to boost creativity, focus, and productivity. 

The best magic mushroom strains for mothers: Brazilian and Tidal Wave

Motherhood comes with its fair share of issues. Mothers experience post-partum depression, anxiety, stress, and constant unrest. Statistics indicate that more and more mothers are turning to microdoses of magic mushrooms to help them with the day-to-day life of parenting. The doses are below the threshold dose, so they do not experience any psychedelic effects. Microdosing involves taking a fraction of a full dose to help with anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, stress, and unrest. According to thousands of mothers, taking small doses of magic mushrooms has helped them become more present as parents by boosting their empathy, understanding, and calmness. 

The Brazilian magic mushroom strain helps foster a sense of oneness with nature and the people around. The strain boosts moods, empathy, mindfulness, kindness, and intuition – all qualities of a good parent. Its energizing properties are sufficient to keep you going throughout the day. 

Tidal wave provides similar effects as Brazilian. This is an excellent choice for mothers who want a chilled experience that allows them to be present in the moment. The heightened energy levels and empathy allow one to bond with the children on different levels. The strain also effectively combats stress, depression, and anxiety, allowing one to live their best life. 

The recommended dose is between 0.1 to 0.5 grams. This is enough to provide the benefits highlighted above without causing any psychedelic effects. You can take magic mushroom doses five days on and two days off, four days on and three days off, or on alternative days. Taking a one- or two-month break is recommended to avoid developing a tolerance. 

The best magic mushroom strains for Athletes: South American and Costa Rican 

Magic mushrooms use among athletes has become prevalent. The shrooms allow the athlete to be more immersed in the activity, leading to better results. Shrooms are not considered performance-enhancing and are not banned by most sports bodies. Athletes come in different sizes and have varying needs. As a result, it is impossible to have a strain that meets their needs across the board. We have featured two of the most popular strains among athletes. 

The South American magic mushroom strain provides a perfect balance of cerebral and physical effects, allowing an athlete to maintain a relaxed and tension-free mind and body. This strain uplifts moods, relaxes the body, and leaves one feeling as light as a feather. 

Costa Rican is a low-potency strain that provides muscle-relaxing, euphoric, and energetic effects. This is one of the top picks for athletes looking for a strain that supports mental acuity, focus, and pain relief. 

For most athletes, more than a microdose of magic mushrooms is needed to induce the effects mentioned above. A macrodose is best-suited, especially since athletes have a higher metabolic rate compared to ordinary individuals. 

Take away

Magic mushrooms come in hundreds of strains. Each of these strains has varying potency, growth requirement, size, shape, and hue. Although the general consensus is that all shrooms are the same, that is not the case. Shrooms provide a wide range of effects that benefit different consumers. For example, some strains are best suited for artists and musicians, while others are meant for athletes or entrepreneurs. If you fall in one of the categories above, you can try any of the recommended shrooms and experience the difference you have been looking for. You can find all these shroom strains and many more from the Think Mushroom website. We stock premium dried magic mushrooms, edibles, teas, and microdose blends.