Champignons Penis Envy


Parmi les variétés les plus recherchées et les plus rares, les Penis Envy's vous emmèneront à coup sûr dans un voyage que vous n'oublierez pas. Fidèle à son nom, ce champignon épais et bulbeux est très puissant.

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Penis Envy mushrooms, a unique strain of magic mushrooms, are known for their potent effects and distinctive appearance. Like any substance with psychoactive properties, the experience of using Penis Envy mushrooms can vary widely from person to person.

This variability is influenced by several factors, including body size, weight, overall health, prior experience with such substances, the amount consumed, and even the environment in which they are taken.

Experts and those experienced with Penis Envy mushrooms agree that for the safest and most enjoyable experience, it’s crucial to be in a peaceful, natural setting free from stress and obligations.

Strength of Penis Envy Mushrooms

  • Mild: 0.25 g
  • Low: 0.25 – 1 .00 g
  • Medium: 1.00 – 2.50 g
  • FORT: 2.50 – 5.00 g
  • Heavy: 5.00 g and upwards

How Strong Are The Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms?

Penis Envy magic mushrooms are super strong, even stronger than a lot of other mushrooms you might know about. When you take them, you could start feeling different in about 30 minutes or so. Most people don’t have big problems when they try magic mushrooms.

But it’s super important to know your limits. If you take too much, you could end up feeling really restless, get an upset stomach, or feel weak in your muscles. Some folks even get a bit paranoid.

The best way to avoid any bad vibes is to be smart and not go overboard. Stick to smaller amounts if you’re just starting out or aren’t sure how it’s gonna go. That way, you can still have a good time without the not-so-fun stuff happening.

What Are Some Potential Benefits of Consuming Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms?

Despite their potency, Penis Envy magic mushrooms can offer some amazing benefits when taken in the right setting. Imagine chilling in a super relaxed spot, with no worries or stress, surrounded by people you really trust and care about.

This is the perfect scene to experience what these mushrooms have to offer. You might feel super happy, totally at peace, and see things in a new way. This can actually help change how you feel and think for the better and for the long run, too.

People have been using Penis Envy magic mushrooms for a really long time to help them feel better, kind of like how some folks use meditation, yoga, or even surfing to chill out and find a new perspective on life.

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  1. About 5 minutes after I posted my last review about all the trouble I was having and that the 2 day Express Shipping took from Jan 4 – Jan 9 to reach me and that I was supposed to receive 1/2 Ounce Variety Pack of B+/Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms and that I only received the B+ Mushrooms, I received a call directly from the company. Talk about above and beyond. I thought at most I’d receive an e-mail. The guy apologized for all the trouble and “was going to make it right”.

    These guys are the real deal. Everyone makes mistakes but not all companies are so fast at responding. That makes me feel like my patronage is highly valued, which in turn makes me want to shop there again. I am glad that I took a chance on Think Mushrooms. I hope they’ll send me an e-mail or call and tell me what exactly they’re going to do for me.

    One thing is for certain, these guys will do as much as possible to make sure that they’re customers are happy with they’re purchases. I would and will definately use them again.

    On another note, the B+ Mushrooms I did receive were good, I would’ve preferred a more visual experience but I was very happy with the trip I had with the B+.

  2. Dude, thos Penis Envey Mushrroms totlly expnded my conscienss. Like, I’m in anothr dimention, maaan. 🚀🌠

  3. Strong mushrooms, the trip really opened my eyes into myself.

    Thanks guys!

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