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Ego death & psychedelics – 7 stages explained

What is THE Ego?

An ego is the sense of self-importance and pride that a person has in their own abilities, accomplishments, and worth. It is often seen as a positive trait but can become problematic when it becomes too large or out of control.

Ego can be described as the conscious perception of one’s identity and self-worth. It is a necessary part of our psychological development, allowing us to distinguish ourselves from others and build relationships. At its core, it is the sense of “I” that allows us to take pride in our accomplishments and feel good about ourselves. However, an over-inflated ego can lead to feelings of superiority or entitlement, which can have negative consequences on both personal relationships and professional success.

What is THE Ego Death?

Ego death is an experience that can occur while under the influence of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and DMT. It is characterized by a loss of sense of self and personal identity, along with feelings of dissolution or merging with the environment or universe. During ego death, one may feel they are no longer bound to their physical body and have transcended time and space.

The experience often leads to enhanced awareness and insight into oneself as well as life in general. This can be accompanied by intense emotions such as fear, awe, love, joy, sadness etc., depending on the individual’s mindset prior to ingesting psychedelics. Ego death on psychedelics is a unique and powerful experience. It can be described as an altered state of consciousness in which the boundaries between the self and external reality become blurred or dissolve altogether, leading to feelings of unity with all existence.

This can bring about a profound sense of peace, joy, and acceptance that may last long after the effects of the drug have worn off. During ego death, one may feel they are no longer bound by their physical body or limited perceptions; instead they exist in an eternal realm beyond time and space where anything is possible.

The experience often leads to increased insight into oneself as well as life in general and can be accompanied by intense emotions such as fear, awe, love, joy etc., depending on the individual’s mindset prior to ingesting psychedelics.

The Experiences of an ego death

Ego death is a term used to describe the experience of transcending one’s sense of self and ego. It can be described as an altered state of consciousness in which the individual experiences their identity dissolving, leaving them feeling connected to something greater than themselves.

People often report feelings of peace, joy, and oneness with the universe during an ego death experience. Other common effects include profound insights into life and reality, loss of fear or attachment to material things, heightened awareness, clarity about one’s purpose in life, and spiritual enlightenment.

Some people also report out-of-body experiences or mystical visions while undergoing this process.

Ego death is an intense and sometimes cause overwhelming psychedelic experiences that has been reported to leave lasting changes in the life of those who undergo it. People often report feeling more connected to their true selves, having a greater understanding of their place in the universe, and being able to let go of fear or attachment to material things.

They may also feel inspired by newfound clarity about their purpose in life or find themselves better equipped for spiritual enlightenment. The effects can be so profound that some people describe ego death as a “rebirth” into a new way of living and being.

The Ego Death and Spiritual Awakening

The Ego Death and Spiritual Awakening
The concept of ego death is a powerful one, and it can be a difficult experience to go through. It involves the dissolution of the self-identity, which can be both frightening and liberating at the same time.

This process can lead to a spiritual awakening, as it allows us to realize that there is something beyond our physical existence. We come to understand that consciousness transcends death, and that we are all connected in some way.

This realization can be life-changing for many people, as it helps them overcome their fear of death. Instead of associating death with darkness and sadness, they begin to see it as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

They come to understand that even though our physical bodies may perish, our consciousness will continue on in some form or another. This understanding can bring about a sense of peace and acceptance, allowing us to live more fully in the present moment without worrying about what lies ahead.

The 7 Stages of the Ego Death

Ego death happens in stages, and if courageously pursued, eventually results in the experience of the following stages: Shock, Disorientation, Letting Go, Acceptance, Humility, Reconnection, and Integration. 

Ego death typically follows a pattern, although it is not formulaic nor easily foreseeable.

Stage 1: Shock

This is the initial stage of ego death where you experience a sense of shock and disbelief as your beliefs, values, and assumptions are challenged.


During this stage, you may feel confused and disoriented as your perception of reality shifts drastically.


As you become more comfortable with the changes in your worldview, you can begin to let go of old ideas that no longer serve you or make sense in light of new insights gained from ego death experiences.


At this point, acceptance sets in as it becomes clear that what was once seen as true has now changed dramatically due to the experience of ego death.

Stage 5: Humility

In this stage, humility takes over as one recognizes their own limitations and imperfections which were previously covered up by an inflated sense of self-importance or grandiosity prior to experiencing ego death.


With newfound clarity , reconnection occurs with yourself and others on a deeper level than before due to increased understanding and empathy towards oneself and others developed through the process.


This final stage is when all aspects learned through ego death are integrated into everyday life, allowing for meaningful growth both internally & externally. 

How to Induce Ego Death? 

Ego Death can be induced through various practices such as meditation, psychedelics, and certain religious rituals.

1. MediTation

Through meditation one can gradually reduce their attachment to thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world around them until eventually dissolving the ego itself. This could involve focusing on breath work or chanting mantras for long periods of time while letting go of any attachments that come up during practice.


The use of psychedelic substances like ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and DMT has been known to induce an experience of ego death by temporarily disrupting neural networks in the brain that are responsible for maintaining our sense of self-awareness and identity over time. This can lead to profound spiritual insights into both oneself and reality as a whole depending on how deeply one dives into this space with intentionality when taking these substances under controlled conditions with proper guidance from experienced professionals if available nearby.


Certain religious rituals have also been used throughout history to induce an experience similar to ego death; examples include fasting for extended periods (like Ramadan), engaging in ecstatic dance (such as Sufi whirling), or partaking in sweat lodges/vision quests where individuals seek out personal revelations from beyond their physical realm through spiritual means alone without relying on external stimuli like mind altering drugs etcetera.

Allowing oneself enough time away from everyday life activities so as not to be distracted by them may help facilitate this process further still when combined with intentional prayer/meditation before embarking upon such journeys towards inner truth seeking endeavors!

How does the brain experience ego death?

Ego Death on the Brain

In terms of neuroscience, ego death occurs when activity in our brain’s default mode network (DMN) slows down or even stops completely.

The DMN is responsible for maintaining our sense of identity and it helps us to think about ourselves as distinct individuals who have certain beliefs, values and goals.

When this system shuts off during ego death, we no longer identify with these things—we don’t see them as part of “us” anymore—and instead experience a more pure awareness that is not bound by any particular point-of-view or perspective on life.

On the neurological level, there is decreased activity in the default mode network (DMN) and increased synchronization between different areas of the brain.

This can lead to an altered state of consciousness that is free from boundaries or preconceived notions about oneself. At a psychological level, ego death can be experienced as a feeling of being “at one” with everything—a sense of unity and connectedness with all things.

It may also involve a complete dissolution of self-identity; we no longer identify with our thoughts, beliefs or values and instead become aware of ourselves as part of something larger than ourselves. Finally, it can bring about profound spiritual insights into life and reality that are not accessible through ordinary states of consciousness.

What Triggers Ego Death?

Ego death is a phenomenon that has been linked to psychedelic use, but it can also be induced by other life-altering experiences. It is often described as a complete loss of self-awareness and identity, and is believed to be a necessary step in spiritual growth.

For Buddhists, this experience is referred to as enlightenment, while Sufi Muslims call it Fana, which translates to the passing away of self.

The process of ego death can be triggered by entering a deep meditative state or having an intense near-death experience.

It can also occur during childbirth or other life-changing events. Spiritual people believe that it can be conjured by your mind alone through meditation and contemplation.

Whatever the cause may be, ego death is seen as an important part of personal growth and development and many believe that it leads to greater understanding and insight into the world around us.

Signs you’re experiencing Ego Death 

There are different behavior patterns that should be recognized when experiencing signs of ego death.

1. Loss of self-identity

A person may feel as if they have lost their sense of identity and no longer recognize themselves or the world around them.

2. Dissolution of personal boundaries

The individual may experience a merging with the environment, feeling connected to everything while simultaneously losing a sense of separation from it all.

3. Transcendence of time & space

 During an ego death, a person can become aware that time and space are illusions, creating a sense of timelessness in which moments seem to stretch on forever or pass by quickly without any meaning attached to it.

4. Altered perception

A person’s senses may become heightened during an ego death experience, leading to hallucinations or vivid visions that allow for further insight into reality beyond what is normally perceived through the five senses alone.

5. Feelings of unity & unconditional love

An individual going through an ego death often feels connected to everyone and everything in existence—experiencing feelings such as unconditional love, acceptance, peace and joy in ways never experienced before this point in life

Positive Benefits of Ego Death

1. Greater self-awareness

Experiencing ego death can help to bring about greater self-awareness, and can lead to an overall positive experience which can be beneficial for personal growth.

By understanding and accepting the limits of one’s own identity, people are better able to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to make informed decisions about how they want to live their lives. 

2. Improved relationships

Ego death often helps people become more aware of how their behavior affects those around them, leading to improved relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues alike.

People who experience ego death may also have an easier time expressing themselves honestly without fear of judgment or criticism from others. Many tend to experience an ego death during a psychedelic therapy session. 

3. A sense of connectedness

 During an ego death experience, individuals often feel a sense of connectedness with the universe as a whole that is difficult to achieve during normal life experiences due to our individual egos getting in the way.

This connection can lead people toward spiritual enlightenment and understanding beyond what we typically encounter on a day-to-day basis.

How Psychedelics Affect The Ego Death?

Psychedelics can cause what is known as ego death, a state of mind in which the user’s sense of self is greatly diminished or even eliminated.

In this state, users may experience feelings of oneness with the universe and a loss of boundaries between themselves and their environment.

They may also have intense spiritual experiences and altered states of consciousness. These effects are thought to be caused by psychedelics’ ability to disrupt normal brain activity, particularly in areas associated with ego formation and identity construction. This disruption can lead to feelings of dissolution or fragmentation, where one’s sense of self-identity becomes blurred or nonexistent. Ultimately, this effect can help individuals gain insight into their lives by allowing them to view themselves from an objective perspective outside the confines of their own egos. 

This research article by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience explains the positive experiences one may have when hitting the ego death. 

The Final word on Ego Death

Ego death is usually marked by feelings of understanding, peace, joy, and acceptance. In some cases, it may even bring about an appreciation for life in its entirety or a newfound purpose in life. Ultimately, ego death helps us to see beyond our limited ideas of ourselves and realize the expansive potential that exists within all beings. 

Please be cautious if you have existing mental health conditions or mental health disorders when consuming psychedelic substances. Consuming magic mushrooms may cause a bad trip or unexpected negative experience, please order a Trip Stopper for safety purposes.