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How to Make Shroom Tea

Shroom tea us the easiest and tastest way to injest magic shrooms as it’s tasty, soothing, and fast acting. What’s not to like? 

While eating mushrooms raw and in capsule form are the most common way to consume them, it’s not always out favorite. That’s why the universe gave us shroom tea, a tasty way to sooth our body and our mind. Some might find raw mushrooms can cause nausea, shroom tea is the best way to prevent this. Consuming in tea form, only the psychoactive substance is extracted from the magic mushrooms, psilocybin. Only consuming the active ingredient, psiocybin, you are able to focus on your experience and not any discomfort.

Here’s our simple 3 step process on making shroom tea. 


how to make shroom tea

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Where to buy Microdose Mushrooms?

dried mushroom

Searches for microdose mushroom on reddit have shot up within the last 3 months. Micro-doing, the act of injecting a small non-psychoactive dose of mushrooms has been the main talk of research facilities like John Hopkins have done extensive research on the effects of psilocybin mushrooms.

So, where can you buy microdose mushrooms?

Here at Mail Order Psilocybin, we source top quality medical magic mushrooms. 

Dose with confidence with Osmosis microdosing psilocybin shrooms. Available with active ingredient in multiple doses: 50mg 150mg 200mg 350mg. Osmosis is a microdosing blend of Golden Teacher Psilocybe shrooms and other natural supplements. Benefits of microdosing psilocybin can include increased consciousness, creativity, decreased social anxiety, and an increased feeling of presence. Microdosing can be used as a form of therapy, and/or to promote an overall feeling of well-being and conceitedness.

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