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Blue Meanies Information and Review

Dive into the enigmatic world of Blue Meanies, a sought-after variety of magic mushrooms revered for their powerful psychoactive properties. A veritable treasure trove of information awaits as we explore their characteristics, cultivation, and unique effects.

Through users’ experiences and expert opinions, we’ll unravel the mystique of these fascinating fungi. Expect an in-depth review that underscores why Blue Meanies have captured the fascination of psychonauts worldwide.

What are Blue Meanies?

Blue Meanies are a potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis, a species of mushroom known for its psychedelic effects. These mushrooms, with their distinctive blue color, are highly sought after by enthusiasts seeking a mind-altering experience. The potency of Blue Meanies comes from their high levels of psilocybin, the compound responsible for the hallucinogenic effects.

When ingested, Blue Meanies can induce a variety of effects. Users often report vivid visual hallucinations, where colors become more vibrant, and shapes appear distorted or morphed. Auditory hallucinations may also occur, with sounds seeming more intense or taking on a different quality. Alongside these psychedelic experiences, users can expect a sense of euphoria and a heavy body buzz.

The History and Origin of Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Blue Meanies mushrooms have a fascinating history and origin. They are often referred to as Panaeolus cyanescens, originating from subtropical regions. However, there is some confusion surrounding their classification. Blue Meanies are sometimes also referred to as Psilocybe cubensis, a strain of mushroom commonly associated with psychedelic effects.

The name “Blue Meanies” is believed to have originated from the blue coloration they possess. However, it is important to note that Blue Meanies can also have brownish tones. These mushrooms are predominantly found growing on horse dung in tropical regions, particularly in Central America.

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How To Identify Blue Meanies Mushrooms

How To Identify Blue Meanies Mushrooms

Blue Meanies mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis, are a potent strain of psilocybin-containing mushrooms known for their strong psychedelic effects. As with other species of mushroom in the Psilocybe genus, Blue Meanies can induce visual and auditory hallucinations, a heavy body buzz, and a sense of euphoria.


When young, the cap of Blue Meanies is typically a vibrant blue color, which gives these mushrooms their name. However, as the mushroom matures, the color changes to a darker shade, ranging from blueish-brown to a deep brown color. This shift in color is accompanied by a change in shape. Initially, the cap is convex or domed, but as it matures, it becomes more conical or bell-shaped.

Moreover, the cap of Blue Meanies is distinguished by its unique features and markings. It often has a smooth texture, and some caps may show slight cracking or splitting as they grow. Additionally, they can possess a fibrous or silky appearance, which adds to their distinctive look.


This trait is caused by the oxidation of psilocin, a psychoactive compound found in the caps and stems of the mushrooms when they are handled or damaged.

When Blue Meanie mushrooms are bruised, their flesh turns a bluish hue. This blue coloration is a result of the high concentrations of psilocin within the mushroom reacting to exposure to the air. This bruising can occur on both the caps and stems of the mushrooms, serving as a distinguishing feature of Blue Meanie magic mushrooms.

The bluish bruising of Blue Meanie mushrooms is not only visually striking but also indicates the presence of potent psilocybin-containing compounds. The intensity of the bruising can vary from specimen to specimen, but it generally serves as an indicator of the high levels of psilocybin and psilocin present in these magic mushrooms.


One characteristic that sets them apart is the appearance of their gills. The gills are located on the underside of the mushroom cap and play a vital role in spore production.

The gills of Blue Meanies vary in color and spacing, providing a distinct visual spectacle. As the mushroom ages, the color of the gills can range from a light gray to a dark purple-brown. This variation adds to the allure and intrigue of these mushrooms, making them visually captivating.

A distinguishing feature of the gills is their ability to bruise blue when handled or touched excessively. This blue bruising is a result of a chemical reaction caused by the release of psilocybin. It serves as a clear indicator of the potency of these mushrooms and adds to their reputation as a potent strain.


The stem of Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms is known for its unique characteristics and appearance. It typically has a smooth texture and can vary in color, ranging from pale white to light brownish tones.

In terms of thickness, the stem of Blue Meanies tends to be relatively thin compared to other mushroom species. It is also worth noting that the stem can sometimes exhibit a bluish coloration, which adds to its distinctive appeal.

It is important to address the confusion surrounding the name “Blue Meanie.” While the term has been used to describe a specific strain of potent Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, it is worth noting that there are other mushroom species that share the same name. This has resulted in some confusion within the psychedelic drug community.


These mushrooms have a mild, earthy aroma similar to other strains of Psilocybe cubensis. The scent is often described as musky and organic, with hints of damp soil and forest floor.

When handling Blue Meanies, the aroma intensifies, filling the air with their unique fragrance. Many users appreciate the scent as it adds to the overall experience of consuming these psychedelic mushrooms.

It is important to note that the scent of Blue Meanies magic mushrooms does not have any psychoactive effects. The aroma simply adds to the sensory experience and is not a reliable indicator of potency or quality.

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Where Do Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Where Do Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Blue meanies mushrooms, scientifically known as Panaeolus cyanescens, are a potent strain of psilocybin mushrooms that are popular for their intense psychedelic effects. They are a species of mushroom that can be found growing in various countries across both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Blue Meanies mushrooms prefer to grow in tropical and subtropical regions, where the climate is warm and humid. They are commonly found growing on cattle or horse dung in pastures, making them somewhat unique in their habitat preferences. This specific type of mushroom tends to have a bluish or brownish color, hence its name.

These mushrooms can be found in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand, among others. They require a specific set of environmental conditions to thrive, including temperature, moisture, and availability of organic matter. Farmers and mushroom enthusiasts often cultivate blue meanies mushrooms in controlled environments to ensure optimal growth and potency.

Blue Meanies Dosage

When it comes to consuming Blue Meanie magic mushrooms, it’s essential to understand the appropriate dosage to ensure a safe and enjoyable psychedelic experience. Blue Meanies, also known as Psilocybe cubensis, are renowned for their powerful psychedelic effects and distinct blue coloration.

Compared to other strains of Psilocybe cubensis, Blue Meanies are known to be on the more potent end of the spectrum. As a result, it is crucial to approach their dosage with caution and respect. The recommended dosage ranges for Blue Meanies can vary depending on individual tolerance and desired intensity.

For those new to psychedelics or with limited experience, a moderate dosage of 1-2 grams of dried Blue Meanies is often recommended. This dosage can produce mild to moderate effects, such as heightened senses, auditory and visual hallucinations, and a sense of euphoria.

More experienced users seeking a more intense psychedelic journey may opt for a higher dosage ranging between 2-3 grams. At this level, users can expect more pronounced visual hallucinations, intensified emotions, and a heavy body buzz.

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Effects of Blue Meanies

Effects of Blue Meanies

Blue Meanies magic mushrooms, also known as Psilocybe cubensis or P. cubensis, are one of the many strains of psilocybin-containing mushrooms known for their potent effects. This psychedelic mushroom is known for producing intense and profound experiences characterized by visual and auditory hallucinations.

Visual Hallucinations

Magic mushrooms, also known as psychedelic mushrooms, can induce a wide range of perceptual changes, including visual hallucinations. These hallucinations can manifest as seeing things that aren’t actually there or experiencing distorted visuals. The effects of Blue Meanies usually start within 30 minutes after ingestion and can last up to six hours.

During a trip, users may experience vivid and intense visual hallucinations. Colors can become more vibrant and saturated, objects may appear to shift in shape or size, and patterns may seem to swirl and dance. Some people report seeing intricate geometric shapes or fractals, while others describe their surroundings as being bathed in a gentle glow or aura.

Auditory Hallucinations

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are known to induce a variety of hallucinatory experiences, including vivid auditory hallucinations. During a trip, users may perceive sounds, voices, or music that are not actually present in their surroundings.

The auditory hallucinations experienced can vary greatly from person to person. Some individuals may hear soft whispers or gentle ambient sounds, while others may encounter lively conversations or even full-blown orchestral music. The range of sounds can be anything from soothing melodies to jarring noises.

These auditory hallucinations can be influenced by various factors, such as the user’s environment, mindset, and dosage. A calm and safe setting may enhance the likelihood of encountering pleasant and euphoric auditory hallucinations, while a more chaotic or disturbing environment might result in dissonant and unsettling sounds.

The dosage of Blue Meanie mushrooms can also play a role in the intensity and variation of auditory hallucinations. Higher doses are more likely to produce intense and immersive soundscapes, while lower doses may lead to more subtle auditory distortions.

Heavy Body Buzz

When consuming Blue Meanies magic mushrooms, one can expect to experience a heavy body buzz. This physical sensation is an integral part of the overall psychedelic experience. The heavy body buzz is characterized by a profound and tangible awareness of the body’s physical presence.

This physical sensation contributes to the psychedelic experience by grounding the user in their physical form, intensifying the connection between mind and body. It can enhance feelings of presence and embodiment, allowing individuals to explore their physical sensations and perceive reality in a new and heightened way.

Alongside the heavy body buzz, several related physical effects may accompany the psychedelic experience. These include heightened senses, dilated pupils, and changes in body temperature and heart rate. The body may feel more sensitive and responsive to touch, taste, and sound, amplifying the sensory experience.

Dilated Pupils

Dilated pupils are one of the common physical effects experienced after consuming Blue Meanies magic mushrooms. The active compound in Blue Meanies, psilocybin, is known to cause dilation of the pupils as part of its psychedelic effects.

During a psychedelic experience with Blue Meanies, your pupils may dilate, which refers to the widening of the pupils. This dilation can have various effects on your visual perception. The enlarged pupils allow more light to enter the eyes, resulting in increased sensitivity to visual stimuli. This can lead to enhanced colors, patterns, and visual hallucinations.

The duration of dilated pupils can vary from person to person and may last throughout the duration of the mushroom trip, which is typically around 4-6 hours. It is important to note that dilated pupils are usually temporary and will return to their normal size once the effects of the mushrooms wear off.

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Preparation and Consumption of Blue Meanies

Blue Meanies are a potent mushroom strain of Psilocybe cubensis, known for their intense psychedelic effects. To experience the full effects of these magic mushrooms, proper preparation and consumption methods are essential.

Blue Meanies mushrooms can be consumed in various ways, including raw ingestion, brewing into tea, or incorporation into dishes. For raw ingestion, you can simply chew and swallow the mushrooms. However, some people find the taste unpleasant and may prefer brewing them into tea.

To make mushroom tea, grind the dried Blue Meanies and steep them in hot water for about 10-15 minutes. Strain and enjoy the tea. Alternatively, Blue Meanies can be incorporated into dishes for a more palatable experience, such as sprinkling them on pizza or mixing them into a smoothie.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is crucial to create a comfortable environment and maintain a positive mindset throughout the experience. Start with a low dose of shrooms, especially if you are a beginner, to gauge the effects. It is advisable to have a guide or sitter present who can offer support and assistance if needed.

Staying hydrated and nourished is essential, as mushrooms can cause physical effects such as increased body temperature. After consuming Blue Meanies, allow ample time for recovery before engaging in any activities that require attention or concentration.

Nutritional Value of Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanies magic mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis, offer more than just psychedelic effects. They also possess an array of nutritional value that contributes to overall health benefits. These mushrooms contain various vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Blue Meanies are a rich source of protein, providing the body with the necessary building blocks for muscle growth and repair. They are also high in fiber, which promotes healthy digestion and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Additionally, Blue Meanies are packed with potassium, an electrolyte that plays a crucial role in maintaining proper heart function and balancing fluid levels in the body.

Furthermore, Blue Meanies are a good source of vitamin B12, which is crucial for the production of red blood cells and the proper functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin is particularly important for those following a plant-based diet, as it is mainly found in animal-based foods.

Legal Status of Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanies, a mushroom strain of potent psilocybin mushrooms, fall under the category of magic mushrooms, also known as psychedelic mushrooms. The legal status of Blue Meanies varies depending on the country and jurisdiction. In many countries, including the United States, possession, cultivation, and consumption of magic mushrooms are illegal.

In the United States, federal law classifies psilocybin as a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning it is considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. This makes the possession, sale, and cultivation of Blue Meanies or any other magic mushrooms illegal at the federal level.

However, it is important to note that some cities and states within the United States have decriminalized or limited the enforcement of laws regarding psilocybin. For example, in Denver, Colorado, and Oakland and Santa Cruz, California, the possession and use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms have been deprioritized by law enforcement.

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