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Dried Magic Mushrooms
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If you haven’t heard about the Enigma magic mushroom strain, consider this an introduction. This shroom variety is one of the most potent strains on the market. Enigma is a mutant of award-winning genetics, which explains its ever-growing demand. This is the go-to choice for magic mushroom enthusiasts looking for an out-of-this-world experience. 

When the shroom first came out, information on where to find it was heavily guarded. Only a few mycologists got connections to grow. However, Enigma has become widely available with time – you can find premium Enigma shrooms at Think Mushrooms. These shrooms provide powerful visuals, heightened euphoria, and improved moods. Below is everything you need to know about the Enigma magic mushroom strain. 


Panaeolus cyanescens.

Very potent and deliver an extremely beautiful vibe beyond description. Peaceful and colorful, yet about the “smoothest” mushroom experience out there.


Albino Penis Envy, or APE magic mushrooms, is a Psilocybin Cubensis variety that takes tripping to the next level. These highly potent shrooms are a sub-variety of the famous Penis Envy strain. They provide a spiritual experience that is enlightening and empowering. This is one of the most-sought shroom strains on the market, and for good reasons: the trip they provide makes a long-lasting impression on a consumer’s life. 

Go apeshit for our new albino penis envy’s!

A derivative of the very rare and  famous Penis Envy strain, this ghostly white variation is known for its euphoric high and long duration. Esteemed by the connoisseurs this unique strain is sure to take you on a special journey. Albino Penis Envys are known to be highly potent and insightful. Not only are they interestingly shaped and funny to look at, they will have you looking at life with an awakened sense of self . They are sure to get your brain going and your body giggling. Float away with these interestingly shaped mushrooms.

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Vietnamese Mushrooms

Originally from Vietnam, the Vietnamese psilocybe cubensis mushroom grows along the rice plantations and other humid places native to its homeland. Vietnamese mushrooms are known for their revelatory and insightful nature they impart upon their user. With yellow, fleshy stems and large cups growing up to 5cm in diameter, the lessons learned and insight gained after a trip with Vietnamese mushrooms are sure to remain even after the experience has ended.

What could be better than mushrooms with CHOCOLATE?

These delicious chocolate squares are packed with 1 gram of mushrooms each. Each box includes 4 chocolate squares – that’s 4 GRAMS per box!!!

Indulge in decadent Belgian semi-sweet chocolate; we’re sure you’ll be delighted by this mushroom cocoa combo.